The deadline for submissions has been extended to October 8th, 2018


PolyamQ welcomes proposals for our first annual meeting to be held at the University of Calgary, in Calgary, Alberta, on November 24, 2018. We invite proposals for work in English from any disciplinary, interdisciplinary, or transdisciplinary approach. Presentations may be in a variety of formats, including papers, panels, workshops, roundtables, film and video screenings, performance art pieces, exhibits, and cultural events.

PolyamQ gladly welcomes presenters who are not affiliated with a university institution. We recognize our indebtedness to the work of Indigenous and POC feminist and queer scholarship, both inside and outside of the academe. As such, we gladly welcome voices external to the academy, in full recognition of the roles they have played in establishing, promoting, challenging, and pushing the boundaries of academic thought.

Proposals must be submitted through e-mail to Pedrom Nasiri, at pnasiri@ucalgary.ca, and must include a maximum 250 word description of the work intended to be disseminated, viewed, or heard.

The deadline for submission is October 1st, 2018.

In light of recent court cases that have recognized the possibility of extending families and parentage beyond the monogamous dyad, PolyamQ has selected the conference theme: Horizons. We aim to create a space that addresses the intersections between sexualities, kinship, and parentage, while challenging the assumptions of normative ideologies.

We encourage proposals that define and expand upon the theme of Horizons. Submissions are welcome for individual presentations (max. 2 presenters, 20 minutes), panel sessions (max. 4 presenters, 75-90 minutes), workshops (3-5 presenters, 75-90 minutes), roundtables (3-5 presenters, 75-90 minutes), film or video screenings (either 15 or 90 minutes), and artistic performances (either 15 or 90 minutes).

In particular, we would like to extend an invitation for queer indigenous perspectives across Turtle Island on the intersections of sexuality, kinship, and parentage.

PolyamQ also welcomes critical and contemporary scholarship on studies from other perspectives, but contained to the realm of non-monogamous research and topics.

PolyamQ is a group of scholars, artists, activists, and community members who have a particular interest in the teaching and study of non-monogamy, kinship, sexuality, gender diversity. PolyamQ aims to provide the opportunity to connect to broader research, artistic, and activist communities, and to mentor, support, and foster each other in and through our works.


Tickets for the conference are now available here:

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